Russia Forum New York 2016

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Russia Forum New York 2016

The annual Russia Forum New York, organized by Russian Center NY was held on April 21, 2016.


In 2016 “Humanitarian and Cultural” part of the Forum was just as rich as the “Business and Economic”. Forum is traditionally held at the Princeton Club of New York, and it discusses the international, economic, scientific, humanitarian and cultural ties between Russia and the United States.

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Nearly 200 representatives of American financial organizations, well-known economists, representatives of government and community organizations participated in the forum. Participants of the forum included Russian Federation Minister, Moscow Government, Head of the Department of External Economic and International Relations, Sergei Cheremin, Director of the Guggenheim Museum, Richard Armstrong, investor and director of the Wolfsonian Museum, Michael Hughes, patron and founder of “Russian Cultural Initiative” at the American University in Washington DC, Susan Carmel, representatives of the Russian Embassy, RF Trade Representatives, Russian Venture Company and many others.

rfny-2016-05 President of the Russian Center in New York and the organizer of the Forum Elena Branson stated: “Our Forum is very popular, the hall is full, and we cannot accommodate all comers. This shows that the topics discussed, and the interest in the relationship between Russia and the United States, attracts more and more attention here in New York. The Forum provides a unique opportunity to potential US investors and experts together with local partners to discuss the necessary steps for the expansion of Russian-American business relations. It introduces American businessmen with investment projects in various sectors and regions of the Russian Federation, as well as with the Russian-American humanitarian and cultural projects. Russia proved to be a reliable partner that is open for business and is committed to build stable relationships with partners.”

rfny-2016-06 Potential investment opportunities in Moscow were presented by Minister Cheremin. “For us”, he stated, “participation in this impressive forum opens up opportunities to present our strategy for developments in Moscow. We see as our goal to have Moscow included in the top 20 cities of the world, where best conditions prevail for investment potential. Moscow city government demonstrates openness and eagerness to work with representatives of all business groups”. He informed the audience that prior to the forum, he met with New York city leaders at the mayor’s office. “In fact, we agreed to reinstate our relationship between New York and Moscow, renew active cooperation and collaboration in those spheres that require priority attention, – he explained that “it’s very often that large municipalities have similar problems in areas of town-planning, education and public health”.

rfny-2016-07 Chair of the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of the US and President of the Congress of Russian Americans, Natalie Sabelnik pointed out opportunities available in Russia for international business. She was Marketing Manager and Commercial Director for East Russia for Chevron International Oil Company after the fall of the Soviet Union. She underlined that “forums, such as these, create a conducive atmosphere for trust between our two nations”.

rfny-2016-08 Anton Konev, former legislative director at New York State Assembly in Albany, NY spoke in support of developing inter-regional relations. He feels that “this will create better conditions for business”.

Appraising the discussions at the forum, Susan Carmel, founder of the “Russian Cultural Initiative” at the American University in Washington DC, commented to the TASS correspondent, that “each time, people gather at a Round Table, united by common goals, this helps to resolve even the most serious issues”.

The Forum was supported by the Gorchakov Fund, American-Russian Law Institute and the Congress of Russian Americans.

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