Economic Initiatives

Russian Investment Climate
A series of interviews with some of the world’s most prominent economists, historians, and business leaders on Russia’s Investment Climate. Let experts “build bridges” and make decisive and well thought-out steps towards a new Russia-US future.

The Russia Forum NY
The Russia Forum NY is a series of conferences held in New York City on a quarterly basis, starting from 2013. Investment and economic professionals attend these meetings to discuss financial markets in Russia.

Russia in Infographics
Russia in Infographics is a different approach on our initiatives. Here, we want to visually present relevant economic information and engage people in discussions over the raised topics. Join our efforts and contribute!

World Russia Forum

The current state of U.S. – Russia relations is coming to resemble the confrontational Cold War era.  This is extremely harmful to both nations and underscores the urgency for a more proactive diplomacy to reestablish mutual security through political, commercial, scientific, educational, and cultural cooperation.